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“"The Starfish Program Saved my life."

“" I never thought a group of people would want to help me or be able to help me. They did, and they showed my I was WORTHY of being helped. " I will never forget the GRACE I have been shown or the lessons I have learned."

"Thank you for believing in me and showing me a different way to live my life. I never thought it would be possible. I am a different woman and feel so proud."

"I have never encountered a program like this." "It is truly amazing."

"Thank you Thank you for picking me and letting me be in this program! I feel so lucky!!"

"No one has ever believed in me like this before. My life is better now than I ever thought possible."

"I have never felt so good about myself! Now I know how to keep that up!"

What have Starfish Graduates achieved? Here are just a few areas of growth Women have accomplished in the program:

* Developed new self concept, self-esteem, self-directness

* Ability to make own healthy decisions in all areas of life

* release of victim mentality to strong competent woman

* Increased knowledge and ability to set and carry out life's goals

How has that changed their lives?

* Completed Nursing Program and became a Nurse at St. Cloud Hospital

* Formed own non-profit organization

* Graduated SCSU as a Social Woker

* Completed training and works full time in specialized area, supporting her family

* Entered healthy relationships for first time in her life, refuses toxic relationships.

* Entered Management Program

* Develop ways to give back to the communtiy and explore interests and hobbies

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